Dear Collector,                                                                                              Calendar YR 2002

            We invite you to join the FMAC, which is a privately owned network of collectors, dealers, historians and preservationists of all forms of farm machinery advertising and memorabilia with interests spanning all manufacturers and time periods. David Schnakenberg and Larry Cornelius co-founded the FMAC in December 1994 with 24 interested collectors as charter members. As of December 31, 2001, the FMAC had 276 members from 37 states, Canada, England, and The Netherlands. We encourage our members to share information about their collections and the advertising history of the farm implement business.

            The FMAC Newsletter was first published in June 1995 and has been published quarterly since 1998. We urge our members to write and submit articles pertaining to their collecting interests for use in the FMAC Newsletter. Classified advertisements and other newsworthy items about our hobby are also welcomed at no charge to FMAC members. Please limit your ads to 35 words plus your name, address, and phone number. Each issue will provide a list of upcoming collector shows that will offer the opportunity for our members to get acquainted and do some buying, selling and trading.

            We ask that each FMAC applicant complete the New Member Personal Information and Interests Form. The information you provide will be used to prepare the categorized Annual FMAC Membership Directory which is categorized by the collecting interests of the members. The Directory is published annually and provided only to current and new members. The list of Areas of Interests may be used as a guide in completing the form.

            Membership dues for 2002 are $20 for U.S. and Canada members ($30 for overseas addresses), which includes a subscription for the March, June, September and December 2002 FMAC Newsletters and the 2002 Membership Directory. All new members who join before March 25, 2002 will also receive a complimentary copy of the December 2001 Newsletter!

            You also have the option to subscribe to the FMAC Newsletter without joining the FMAC but you will not be listed in nor will you receive the Membership Directory. A subscription for the four 2002 issues is $15 ($20 overseas). Back issues may be ordered at $5 each.

** Please print the form below on 2 pages and mail to: David Schnakenberg, 10108 Tamarack Drive, Vienna, VA 22182-1843. Still have questions? Email:  

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2002 FMAC Membership and Newsletter Subscription Form


Name:    ____________________________________


Address: ____________________________________






2002 FMAC membership dues which includes the Newsletter and Members Directory $20 ($30 for overseas addresses)

2002 FMAC Newsletter only subscription: $15 ($20 for overseas addresses)

*FMAC Newsletter back issues ($5 each):

Dec 2000   Sep 2000   Jun 2000   Mar 2000

Dec 1999   Sep 1999   Jun 1999   Mar 1998

Dec 1998   Sep 1998   Jun 1998   Mar 1998

Dec 1997   Jun 1997   Dec 1996   Jun 1996

Dec 1995   Jun 1995  All 18 back issues ($65)

                Total enclosed: $____________

Make check or money order payable to Farm Machinery Advertising Collectors.

            Membership applicants: complete Personal Information and Interests Form on reverse.

Mail to: David Schnakenberg, 10108 Tamarack Drive, Vienna, VA 22182-1843.


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FMAC - New Member Personal Information and Interests Form

First Name Middle Last Name Suffix Nickname
Home Phone      
Work Phone      
Fax Number      
Alt. Phone   Birthday  
International Phone   Began Collecting  
International Fax   Occupation  
E-Mail address   Position Title  
Web Site URL   Company  
Address 1   Alt. Address 1  
Address 2   Alt. Address 2  
City   Alt. City  
State   Alt. State  
Zip Code   Alt. Zip Code  
Country   Alt. Country  
  Collector   Historian   Preservationist   Family Interest   Dealer

Areas of Interest

Advertising Items

Machinery Manufacturers Time Periods

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Please print (print tutorial click here) the above forms (page one and page two) fill them out to the best of your ability.  For the Areas of Interest, use the listed choices from the 'What Is FMAC' page (or if your collecting niche' is not present fill the categories out to fit your niche').

Make check or money order payable to David Schnakenberg.

                    Membership applicants: complete Personal Information and Interests Form.

Mail to: David Schnakenberg, 10108 Tamarack Drive, Vienna, VA 22182-1843.



To join FMAC please e-mail : 

David Schnakenberg
Editor, FMAC Newsletter and Directory
10108 Tamarack Drive
Vienna, VA 22182-1843

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